Our CLEAR Certified Scoliosis Treatment Plans

Scoliosis Educational Video

Another introduction of scoliosis treatment by a CLEAR certified D.C.

Utilizing CLEAR's completely new approach to scoliosis treatment, we are able to evaluate each scoliosis case based on its unique circumstances and customize the care we provide each individual patient to achieve the greatest possible curvature correction WITHOUT the need for a brace or surgery. 

Scoliosis - Intensive Care

Recommended for patients living more than 45 minutes away from our clinic

IC (Intensive Care) scoliosis treatment generally provides excellent results in the least amount of time, and with minimal disruption to the daily schedule of the patient and patient's family's. 

It is comprised of 5-10 days of treatment (not including weekends) with each day's treatment lasting up to 4-5 hours and normally totaling about 25-30 hours of treatment over the course of each week.

Following treatment, we will provide a comprehensive, customized home rehabilitation protocol designed to maintain the gains achieved during the treatment period, promote further gains in correction of spinal curvature, and help increase spinal stability during any upcoming growth spurts.

  • 1 week of IC treatment is recommended for curvatures of less than 25 degrees.

  • For curvatures of 25 to 30 degrees, 2 weeks of IC treatment are recommended.

  • For curvatures of greater than 30 degrees, the purchase of a scoliosis traction chair may be required.

What Does It Mean to Be CLEAR Intensive Care (IC) Certified?

  • Two years of training and testing (600+ total hours)

  • Industries highest standard in scoliosis testing

  • Mandatory competency to reduce scoliosis curvature(s) of at least 30%

  • Mandatory annual submission of one or more case studies showing successful curvature reductions

Mission Goals of Scoliosis Care

  1. Identifying primary and compensatory scoliosis curvatures as well as the root cause of the scoliosis. For example, is the root cause neurological conditions involving the oculo-vestibular system, the neck, the mid-back, or the lower back and pelvis? Identifying the root cause is a key to creating the best and most effective curvature reduction treatment plan.

  2. Preventing scoliosis curvature(s) from worsening.

  3. Reducing scoliosis curvature(s) and restoring normal lordosis and kyphosis curvatures of the neck, mid-back, and lower back

  4. Maintaining curvature reduction and improving motion, flexibility, and strength to the joints, discs, muscles, and vertebrae of the spine.

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