The CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Method

Our Scoliosis Correction Method

At Bones and Beyond we are dedicated to utilizing the world's most advanced scoliosis correction method, developed by CLEAR Institute, to provide optimal individualized treatment for each of our scoliosis patients one case at a time. Our Scoliosis correction method is a revolutionary approach that has been proven capable of not only stabilizing but also substantially reducing scoliosis curvature without the need for a brace or surgery.

3 Treatment Stages

Your treatment consists of 3 main treatment stages:


MIX softens the tissues and muscles affecting your scoliosis, making them pliable and workable - in other words, fixable!


FIX provides a comprehensive, manual adjustment based on 41 separate measurements and 21 separate angles to actually correct abnormal spinal curvatures and misalignments.


SET retrains your body to maintain your neurological, muscular, and skeletal corrections permanently.

Steps to Scoliosis Correction


Go to a CLEAR Certified Scoliosis Expert to obtain your current Scoliosis measurements with specialized X-rays and a direct examination. These precision measurements will assess your spine not only for scoliosis-induced lateral bend but for any left or right sliding or rotation as well.


No two cases of scoliosis are identical. Following your initial examination, your CLEAR Certified Scoliosis Expert will work with you to help you achieve a thorough understanding of your individual scoliosis condition in terms of spinal lateral curvature, vertebral rotation, and biomechanics involved in lifting, walking, standing, sitting, and various sleeping positions. Such understanding is essential for preventing the curvature from progressing as well as for maintaining the gains in reversing your scoliosis curvature achieved in STEP 3.


Once you have a thorough understanding of your individual scoliosis condition, the next step is working with your CLEAR certified Scoliosis Expert to reverse the process. Although most scoliosis is idiopathic (that is, arising spontaneously for unknown reasons), it is also known that scoliosis has a neurological component. In addition to its series of manual adjustments customized for each patient's needs, the CLEAR Method also focuses on neurological re-training as a key to reversing scoliosis curvature.

The Best Scoliosis Correction Method

With a 95% success rate, the CLEAR Method of scoliosis correction is superior to all available alternatives, including methods using braces (whether hard or flexible), or surgery. In addition, it should be emphasized that taking a "wait and see" approach offers no real solution since scoliosis curvature, if left untreated, tends to become worse - sometimes much worse - over time.

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